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1. Ensuring carers and consumers voices are heard



2. Addressing co-occuring issues, such as drug and alcohol use, intellectual disaility

3. Physical Health of people with serious mental illnesses

Issue: The unacceptably high rates of early mortality from preventable chronic physical illnesses such as diabetes, some cancers, cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases of people with serious mental illnesses.


1. Increase awareness of this issue, thereby encouraging health promotion, prevention, early detection,and treatment.

Other activity addresses members interests:

4. Older persons mental health - interaction with aged care system, and chemical restraint

5. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - psycho-social issues

6. Promoting co-design - eg Safe Haven

7. Reducing involvement of those with mental health issues with justice system

Issue: As members of Canberra Mental Health Forum with knowledge of family members who have been, are, or almost were involved with the criminal justice system we aim to support initiatives that:


1. Reduce the likelihood of people with mental illness or (psycho-social disability) being involved with the criminal justice system.

2. Enhance screening and identification of mental health needs

3. Where involved with the criminal justice system, increase likelihood of alternative pathways and non-custodial arrangements.

4. Recognise and address, co-morbidity issues, especially drug and alcohol as significant catalysts.

5. If in custody, improve conditions and treatment for those with mental health conditions with meaningful activity.

6. Following involvement with the criminal justice system, reduce likelihood of repeat contact with criminal justice system.


8. Staffing challenges

9. PACER evaluation






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